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  • Does the pill prevent arthritis? New study suggests a link

    We all know what the Oral contraceptive pill is for but A new study shows it is associated with a reduced risk of developing Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    Women who take the oral contraceptive pill are protected from going on to develop arthritis in later life, a new study suggests.

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  • First Robotic Total Knee Replacements in Victoria

    Mr van Bavel has performed the first Robotic total knee replacements in Victoria and is happy to discuss this new technology with his patients.

    We understand it’s hard to look after your health when you have a busy work and or family life. For that reason, Mr van Bavel is now offering evening consultations for patients with new Orthopaedic problems for which they seek surgical advice.

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  • How to future proof your knees

    If only I had read this article 20 years ago.

    Dodgy knees are the last thing on your mind in your 20s and 30s. Yet what we do when we're younger can head off what's becoming a rite of passage for the over 55s – knee replacement surgery.

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  • How to fall off a bicycle without injuring yourself

    We are all into injury prevention so I thought this was an interesting article for cyclists.

    During stage nine of this year's Tour de France, yellow-jersey hopeful Richie Porte lost control of his bicycle during a high-speed descent of Mont du Chat, careering across the tarmac at around 47mph and smashing into solid banking by the side of the road. Porte was then hit by fellow racer Dan Martin, who was powerless to avoid the stricken cyclist.

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  • Steroid injections, physio and fish oils: what really works for painful knees?

    Here are some of the more common questions about knee problems answered in one newspaper article.

    Our knees are a marvel of engineering. They take quite a battering over the course of a lifetime, especially an active one; knees bear our full weight when we’re standing, with extra force when we run

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