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  • Early hip fracture surgery will save hundreds of lives

    The management of hip fractures is an important topic for patients and the community. The team at MHK agree with the principles in this article and strive to tereat all our patients in line with best practice guidelines.

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  • Losing three kilos can massively boost your health

    Its no secret that losing weight is good for you but it can seem like a daunting task. This research show that losing just 3 Kgs can make a significant difference

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  • Different insurance policies offer different services

    Different insurance policies offer different services and its worthwhile checking to see what you are covered for. Too many of our patients are ready for treatment for their disabling conditions only to discover that their insurance doesn’t cover them for what they need.

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  • Labor Commits to end the Freeze

    The medicare freeze has undermined the value we place in health care and contributes to the increasing gaps forced on patients.

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  • Playing through pain is often worst thing you can do, says medical expert

    Everyone wants to be tough on the sporting field but sometimes this isn’t smart. This article shows that you shouldn’t play through pain.

    If you have pain or a knee injury then it may be beneficial to see a specialist at MHK for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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