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The Best Hip Replacement

Everyone wants the best! Patients often ask “what is the best hip replacement to have?”; or “what is the best hip for me?”

There are many different sorts of hip replacement and many different surgeons doing them. Everyone has there own opinion as to what is best.

Hip replacements can be a fantastic operation because they take away pain and allow you to return to the lifestyle you want to live. Ideally we want your hip replacement to last as long as possible and in my mind this is the single most important consideration.

In Australia we now have 10 years of results in the Australian National Joint Replacement Registry (ANJRR) – This shows that in all age groups a cemented femoral stem lasts longer than an uncemented one. It also shows that in elderly patients a cemented cup has a lower revision rate. This is in keeping with the data from the British Registry. The ANJRR also shows that surgeons who only do a small number of hip replacements per year have poorer results.

I use a cemented Exeter stem in all my patients as I believe this will give them the best results in the long term; and I use both cemented and uncemented cups to tailor your hip to your needs.

Normal Anatomy :: Total Hip Replacement THR
Revision Hip Replacement

Normal Anatomy of the Hip Joint

How does the hip joint work?
Find out more in this web based movie.

Total Hip Replacement (THR)

Total Hip Replacement (THR) procedure replaces all or part of the hip joint with an artificial device (prosthesis) to eliminate pain and restore joint movement.

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Revision Hip Replacement

This maybe because part or all of your previous hip replacement needs to be revised. This operation varies from very minor adjustments to massive operations replacing significant amounts of bone and hence is difficult to describe in full.

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