Mr. Dirk van Bavel

About my recovery

How will I get home from hospital?

You will need someone to take you home from hospital atter your operation. I will also be helpful to have someone stay with you until you are properly back on your feet.

Will I still have pain after my operation?

Unfortunately most operations cause some pain and you may be worse immediately after the operation than you were before. This should improve quickly but with a big operation such as a knee replacement can take many weeks to recover from.

Will I need crutches

Most people will need crutches after an operation on there hip or knee. The staff will help you with these.

What happens to my wound

Before leaving hospital the nursing staff will give you instructions on how to look after your wound if there are stitches or staples to be taken out they will advise or arrange this for you.

When is my next appointment?

Before leaving hospital you will be given specific instructions for your follow up appointment.

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