Mr. Dirk van Bavel

ACL Rehabilitation Protocol

Post operative ACL rehab

No brace. Discharge day 1 post op.

Closed chain exercises for 1st 4 months

If there is an associated meniscal repair than a hinged knee brace is worn for 6/52 with a range of 0 – 90 degrees followed by a further 6 weeks of no deep squats or lunges.



Phase 1 First 2 weeks

Aim for 0-90 degrees
Protect graft fixation
Alleviate pain and inflammation
Wt bearing as tolerated with crutches

Ice and compression bandaging
Heal slides
Patella mobilisation
Prone knee flexion
Electrical stimuation as needed.

Phase 2 2-6 weeks post op

Aim for 0-125 degrees
Increase quads/hamstring strength
increase hip strength

Continue phase 1 exercises
Calf raises
Pool therapy starts at 3/52
Wall slides 0 – 45 degrees
Calf stretches

Phase 3 6 weeks to 4 months

Full symmetric ROM
Independant ambulation
Improve strength, endurance and proprioception

Continue phase 2 exercises
Flexibility and strengthening program
Step ups minisquats
One leg squats
Start cycling at 6 weeks
Light jogging at 3 months

Phase 4 4 months till full activity

Preparation for return to sport
Sport specific training
Working on power, proprioception and strength

Continue strengthening exercises.
Start sprinting, backwards running and cutting
Sport specific training drills

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