Mr. Dirk van Bavel

Is there anything I can do instead of an operation?


Painkillers and anti-inflammatory tablets can help. Start with something simple such as panadol which is very safe and discuss this with your doctor if you need something stronger.

Weight loss

Every extra Kilo you carry is putting more stress on your joints. Losing weight can significantly help your symptoms and even if you are having an operation will make your recovery easier.


Physiotherapist are highly trained and can teach you exercises to strenthen your limbs as well as ways to avoid pain and recover from injuries.

Walking aids

Walking sticks and crutches may help you walk better.


Some people feel less pain from their joints when taking glucosamine. It can be bought from the supermarket or chemist is cheap and safe and may help you out.


After a severe injury you may be recommended a specific brace. Some people feel better wearing a supportive or elastic type brace.

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